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Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawal

Symptoms of marijuana withdrawal

 According to WebMD,  heavy pot users who quit cold turkey could end up using again due to withdrawal symptoms.

A comprehensive study on the effects of marijuana withdrawal by David Gorelick, MD, PhD, of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore, found that 42% of those who participated in the study experienced withdrawal symptoms including pronounced cravings, irritability, anxiety, and insomnia when they tried to quit.

A key take away from that study: of those who reported withdrawal symptoms, 78.4% smarijuana-addictionaid they started smoking pot again to reduce them. Overall, 33.3% of participants resumed marijuana use to reduce or avoid withdrawal symptoms altogether.


In a WebMD interview Dr Gorelick was quoted, “Heavy pot users should be aware that they may experience a withdrawal syndrome that will make them uncomfortable when they try to quit.”

University of Pennsylvania’s Kyle Kampman, MD told WebMD that doctors don’t have much to offer pot users to relieve their symptoms.

“The only other thing I can offer is inpatient care. Sometimes just keeping them away from marijuana will help prevent relapse.” Kampman said there is no doubt that cannabis withdrawal is a real syndrome.